The School is registered at the Royal Academy of Dance and The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

The students take the exams under the guidance of the teachers on both the amateur and professional level.  The students are being assessed by a person assigned by the Royal Academy of Dance or The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and the final decision for the participation of the students is being taken ONLY by the owner of the school and it is subject to her discretion.

According to the RAD Examinations Board the examinations provide students with:

  • Achievable goals to work towards
  • Recognition from the world’s largest examination board
  • Qualifications that are fully accredited by the UK regulatory authorities
  • The impetus to achieve their personal best in a fun and nurturing environment

Dress Code:

Ballet: pink shoes, pink tights or socks, leotard (depending on the level there are different colors) and the hair up in a band so that they do not distract the students.

Modern: Black Jazz shoes, leotard and tights of any color, hair in a band.

Students must arrive at school 10 minutes before the beginning of the classes in order to prepare themselves and warm up.  The dress code must be always respected.  In cases of absences, the school must be informed in advanced and the reason of absence must be made known to the teachers.


The school year starts beginning of September and ends at the end of June.  The school closes during the Christmas and Easter holidays and during the National holidays only.  The exact dates at which school will be closed will be announced each year at the school board.

The school is closed only during a few public holidays, which are:

  • October 1st
  • October 28
  • Christmas Holidays from December 23 to January 6
  • Green Monday
  • March 25
  • April 1st
  • Easter holidays (only for one week)
  • Cataclysm Day

And any other day that is announced by the government as a public holiday.


All students must prepay their fees at the beginning of the month or of the trimester, according to their level.

The students at the following classes need to pay every trimester: Beginners, Pre-Primary, Primary, and Grade 1.  For the rest of the classes, the parents can decide regarding the way of payment. 

Families with more than one child at the school, get a discount of 10% at the final price. 

Special prices for students who attend both ballet and modern classes.


All the students of the school must be registered.  The registration form can be found at the Contact Info link and must be sent via email or delivered by hand.