The Maxouti Dancearte organizes and participates in various events throughout the year. Some examples are provided below.

International Examinations

The students of the Central Dance School participate in examinations provided by leading dance examination boards in the world. Students are trained to take exams leading to a wide range of awards and certificates, including ones for students who wish to pursue a career in professional dance.



The Central Dance School organizes high quality performances where the students of the school participate. The School also collaborates with different organizations, municipalities and groups in order to advance dance in Cyprus and provide the opportunity to the students to experience performing, as well as enriching the activities organized by other agents. 



The students of the Central Dance School participate in various seminars and youth dance companies organized either by the school or other agents in Cyprus. The school’s aim is to reach out and serve the young dancers by either organizing seminars of exceptional quality or by informing and encouraging individuals to participate in seminars/youth dance companies offered by other agents.

Summer Schools

Students of the Central Dance School have participated in the past in summer schools held in Austria and the United States. The summer schools offered a professionally staffed, comprehensive dance curriculum which allowed the students to grow artistically and technically and work in a multi-cultural environment with an international faculty and classmates. The Central Dance School aims to continue fulfilling this role in the future as well.



The students of the school are encouraged and trained to participate in national and international competitions. In the past, students of The Central Dance School who wanted to pursue a professional career in dancing participated in several competitions and tried hard for the best possible outcome. The competitions enabled the young dancers to develop both technically and artistically.